You have questions?


Some sites call this the FAQ. I never like to see that. The site should be giving you the answers without you having questions.

Drinking a coffee while working on this website with a laptop

The Course

From Beginner to Expert

You do not need any previous Joomla knowledge or experience to take this course. We cover everything right from the start, although some basic knowledge of creating a website is assumed .

You can even think of this course as having me sat by your side explaining everything just for you. Your very own private tutor who lets you work at your own pace.

This course is free of charge, just like Joomla, as I strongly believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to use and learn about Joomla.

The Trainer

Brian Teeman

For those that don't know me I am a co-founder of Joomla! and a regular contributor to the development of Joomla - especially this latest release, 4.0. For a day job I have been teaching people how to use Joomla for fifteen years.

Having been so closely involved with the development of Joomla 4 over the last three years, without being a programmer, I am perhaps the ideal person to guide you through Joomla 4.

Before Covid-19 I could be regularly found at an airport travelling to speak about Joomla, open source software or accessibility. Who knows, maybe one day I can start travelling again.

The Site

It's just core Joomla 4

Naturally this website has been built with Joomla 4 with a simple template using Bootstrap 5.

Yes, I know both Joomla 4 and Bootstrap 5 are both still beta releases at the time of writing and I shouldn't use them in production. Bite me!

There are no extensions used on the site. Just what you get out of the box and some layout overrides.


Responsible Design

I really care about ensuring the web is available to everyone, without barriers, and Joomla 4 does so much to help me build a website that follows the accessibility standards.

All the training videos will be subtitled/closed captioned and a full transcript is published as well. This is not just about passing accessibility tests for the hard of hearing or visually impaired. Experience has shown that users for whom English is not their first language benefit from and appreciate the presence of the text.

Data Protection

GDPR and other Privacy Laws

There is nothing on this site that collects or stores personal information.

There is nothing on this site that tracks your behaviour or activity other than the standard apache web server logs which can not be avoided.


Where is the Consent?

The only cookie you will find on this website is the Joomla session cookie which is destroyed when you leave the site.

As this is an essential cookie no permission is required but if you really want to you can block the cookie in your web browser.